Baby poop teething or reaction?

Hi all! My 4mo has starting teething recently (loads of dribble, red cheeks and constantly chewing on things) and her poop the last 2 days have been like this .. is this teething poop or a reaction to starting 1tsp of solids once a day ?
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Looks like both. Nothing to be worried about. Poop changes often!

Looks like a teething poo x

Definitely teething poop my baby boy is going through the same

Diarrhea is sometimes from teething but the fact that it’s green could be from either what they ate or an infection

My LG has this exact poo at the moment and she’s really really teething! x

Teething poo! My little girl has been the same apparently when they’re consuming a lot of salvia it can cause diarrhea and mucus poo xxx

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