Lacking empathy

My 4 year old daughter doesn’t seem to care when her little brother (12 months) is upset / hurt. If he hurts himself she completely ignores it and will try to carry on playing etc and won’t even acknowledge that he’s upset or hurt. She also tells me to ‘just leave him’ sometimes. Is this normal for her age or something I should address as I’m slightly concerned.
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Yes it’s so hard not to overthink! She’s so good playing with him and is gentle with him which is why I thought it was strange that she just didn’t seem to care when he was upset but it makes sense that she may just not know how to show she cares! Thanks 🙏

My eldest child (6) has only been showing empathy since he turned 5 tbh. So luckily he’s been great with his brother, but prior he had no empathy almost lol. I have a psych degree and it was only during my degree I realised why kids are the way they are, they care, but it’s hard to show it! Around 5/6 they’ll start to show more empathy. It’s so normal to worry though! My kid had an off day a few weeks ago like so off and unlike him and I instantly assumed he would always be that way and maybe he’s a sociopath… I’m ridiculous though 😩🤣❤️

It's only around age 4-5 that a child starts to develop the skills to understand/show signs of empathy. Obviously it's a spectrum so some kids are earlier/later. But I wouldn't be too concerned right now. Just keep teaching her and showing your empathy in situations. Explain to her what's happening and how you feel at the time/how the baby might feel being hurt. Ask her how she feels when she gets hurt and what makes her feel better. It's all learning for her right now 🩷

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