First signs of teething?

The last couple of days my baby has been really fussy and she seems to be pulling on her left ear - we are just going over her gums with the MAM baby toothbrush and she loves it. I'm wondering if this could be the first signs of teething? She's not flushed and she doesn't have a temperature - what were your babies first signs of teething?
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My bubs was just drooling loads and chomping on everything. Could ear pulling be sign of discomfort/ ear infection?

She didnt really have any signs i just noticed feeding started hurting again and then wham a tooth was spotted 😂 that was 7 weeks ago and only thing shes got symptoms wise is drool with her second making an appearance and wants to be held more but i wouldnt say shes fussy. Just wants attention and to play

Same here, very fussy and inconsolable since yesterday. Been using calpol/ nurofen intermittently and got me some teething gel and powder, hoping for a better night, fingers crossed

how strange , for the past few days my little one has also been pulling on her left ear. we thought maybe she had some water in it but I’m now wondering if it’s teething ?! x

My LG has been teething for a few weeks but it’s got much worse in the last few days. Her hands are constantly in her mouth and dribbling, but she doesn’t have red cheeks and didn’t have a temperature until today when it’s just spiked a little. I can literally see the teeth about to pop through so I’m hoping it happens asap as she’s really not herself! Stock up on calpol and neurofen. I’ve found the granules better than the gel x

Fussy with bottle, lots of drooling, fists in her mouth. Then, when she was trying to chomp on our finger/hand, felt the sharp needle like pain of her teeth

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