Still won’t call me mummy

Okay so our little ones are like 2 and a half now… PLEASE tell me there are other mums on here that don’t get called mummy or mama? My daughter just will not say it. I don’t understand as my partner always refers to me as mummy and I always call myself mummy when talking to her 😕 I’m just baffled, I don’t understand why she won’t say it. She has been saying daddy for AGES!! She also say nanny, grandad and Tash (her Aunty) and even said Jacob the other day (her cousin). I’m just at a point where I don’t know what to do anymore 😂
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My daughter calls me mummy but will shout my name every so often because she knows it annoys me 😂x

My little ones are the same. But when they sing the alphabet i notice they struggle abit with the M so wonder if its this reason

If you dont have any concerns about her speech then i would just continue how you are and she will say it eventually. My son went through a stage of calling me babe because of my partner too 😂 but you could always talk to your health visitor if you wanted to ease any worries x

@Kelly-Marie apparently she called me Sam today when my mum pointed at a picture of me and asked her who it was 🤨 no one calls me by my name! It’s so bizarre lol x

@Xenia she’s not saying as much as some other 2.5 year olds but I wouldn’t say she’s overly delayed. She says lots of other stuff but not a great deal of sentences x

Mine doesn't. She calls me and her Dad, Babe, because she has heard us call each other Babe. She will say Ninky and Grumpy (nicknames for nan and grandad).

Hows her speech? Like not just the names of a few family members, is it possible there could be a speech delay?

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