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I am a first-time mom, so I dont know anything about daycare. I was looking into montessori byt its 12000 for part-time, i feel like i will literally work part-time and give all the money to Montessori. I was thinking, what daycare is your little one going to in Oakville? Looking for part-time, where babies will actually be learning something. I live around Dundas and Trafalgar intersection, so closer the better Thank you ladies in advance
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I live in a small town and i had to waitlist for 1 year. I would suggest start calling anywhere your area and see who can take your LO in.

I reached out to some daycares and was told their waitlists are until 2025 🙃 So far I have found one that will take us and it’s a 1/2 hour drive 😭

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