Why when you decide to finally put your foot down and end things with your bd, why do they automatically think you found someone else or there was someone else the whole time. 😂 Like why can't it be the fact that you were mentally draining me, the fact we were together but I felt like a single mom, the fact that you constantly keep going behind my back and flirting and talking to other females, & when I caught you I was the one disrespecting our relationship by going thru your stuff, the fact you wanted me gone & ask me to leave. Like just crazy!
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Thank you!! His loss, not mine! He tried to gas light me today saying I’m the reason for it. Ain’t no reason to cheat or be unfaithful on your pregnant wife especially after we tried for 2 years to have him!!

@Kristina at you found out now smh I don’t understand how guys can do stuff like that.. but just know you’re beautiful nd move on 💖


Finally kicked him out Saturday

My husband cheated me on me since January with my bestfriend.. lol

There was someone there the hole time !! Fuck that

This was when I finally had enough and kicked him out because I was the only one working and taking our daughter to daycare while he sat at the house and went fishing and played video games. But said he was applying to jobs. And then when I finally told him he has to leave he said he had a job lined up and that I ruined our family. Yet I made it better for my daughter and I

LOL that's usually how it goes. My BD accused me of cheating on him with a married man even though he was the one acting single whole time we we're together basically and only reason why he brought that up is cause I caught him way to many times doing the same thing as yours. Flirting/talking to other women behind my back in fact one of them even popped up at our place and I had no clue who she was. I got tired of his abusive ways cause he'd even gaslight me by saying I'm the crazy one that it's all in my head and stuff. Good thing you put your foot down, just get outta that situation fr guys like that aren't mature enough to handle a grown woman yet, they only want the little girls that make things easy for'em, Many blessings to you frfr 🙏

Yeah my first BD thought this same thing everytime we would fight. It was always “u must want someone else wit the way ur always threatin to kick me out” but I would always tell him “no, necessarily. Why dont u look at the way u treat me and how u disrespect me bcuz thats the real reason. Ur mentally drainin, u and ur inconsistency”

Sounds like you should just buss his head 😂😂😂😂😂😂 cause I’m about to do the samething!

That’s their cop out. Can’t handle the fact that they are the problem

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