My boy has this on his back that started to appear this morning, does anyone know what it could be?
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Some children can have similar rash when going through some viral infection, or recovering from one. However, any rash that you are worried about, it’s best to consult doctor.

@Alex horrible to see, i was petrified of trying the formula challenge but thought best get it out the way and waa lucky to have already had 2 appointments with dietitian! This recent one now she’s confident he’s outgrown it & was definitely just an intolerance before his digestive system had developed much. So happy to all be ok now! X

@Ceri that was my baby too 😥 so sad x

@Alex no nothing at all, he’s very happy and content now! He used to scream and squirm on the bottle, refuse bottles, projectile vomit, have explosive watery mucus riddled poos, back arching, severe reflux and just so miserable all of the time- barley sleeping he was so uncomfortable 😣 x

@Ceri yeah we’re on Nutramigen as well. We have our app with the dietician soon. Does he have any of the other symptoms? It could well be heat rash but it looked very similar to when she was first prescribed x

@Alex he was on Nutramigen, he’s been on comfort for 3 weeks now and after an appt. With dietitian she was happy and said it’s not an allergy and to move onto normal milk but I was thinking whether it wouldn’t agree with him. Strange because he has had yoghurt absolutely fine!! X

I would get the drs to check because it looks like it could be the milk to me. Always what my girl looked like x

I'd say heat rash , my little one gets it from time to time x

@Ceri my daughters is similar. Let me see if i have a picture of it! I find it only gets worse if its warm in the house and she becomes sweaty and clammy xx

@Ceri i don’t think it’s the formula if anything teething or heat rash! But in doubt book a dr appointment/call 111 x

@Nicole oh really?! Hmm! I’m just transitioning him back onto normal formula from comfort so worried it’s that🙃

My little girl has had this for weeks dr said a teething rash but idk

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