Anyone else's partner complain about duties of being a dad and head of household?

My partner constantly complains about having to go to work, paying bills, or having to park the car at night and walking home. Recently he got a cold and was feeling better enough to drive his motorcycle home from work at midnight. I had done laundry that day and needed his help bringing the clothes up to our apartment. He got home and instead of doing this, he chilled for 2 hrs before bringing the clothes up. Unfortunately we're we live we don't have parking so we have to park about a 10min walk from here. This morning he was complaining about feeling worse because he had to walk in the cold after midnight. He only complains when I ask him to feed or watch baby in the mornings. All this complaining after I did laundry, spent the day with a fussy baby, got is lunch and dinner, cleaned and organized the laundry. Like I'm starting to feel he has no care about my needs or babies. Guess this was more of a rant.
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@Sydney lol I own a business as well, but right now I do have the privilege of being a stay at home mom, so although it bothers me at times, I know I have it easy 😊 it's just the adjustment period can get frustrating at times. Lol although sitting once in a while isn't a bad idea, that way we both can get a break.

No bc I work and am in charge of all of the bills! We use daycare.

😆😆thank you ladies for your response. I think it bothers me more because we are both tired and I've addressed this and he just doesn't want to get baby sick right now. Once he's better he will be taking morning shift 😊

Men who complain are just weak ass men. Life is hard, adulting is hard. Complaining all the time is just toxic behaviour. I believe in the law of attraction, if you complain all the time then you will just be consumed by negative thoughts

You are not alone 😑

@Laura mine just doesn't have the patience for our 4 yo who is in her extremely testy phase rn 🤣🤣 and our 11 month old is extremely cranky most of the days so that would probably drive him insane 🙃 but I also know I couldn't do his job as he's IT and fixes computer technical stuff all and and the only things ik how to do on a computer is watch TV and like use Google 🤣🤣🤣

@ashleigh mine has bit not the way I want. Lol

@Kim I did that ones but he didn't get anything done. He just sat with baby and watched TV. That was his view of parenting.

Mine will complain a lil when he's overwhelmed or stressed but he knows he couldn't handle the kids all day too soo😅

@Laura I’m starting to hate’’em

My husband used to be like this until we did a task swap. My daughter was sick and this was during covid. I work from home so he took care of her while I worked in My office. We were all sick and within 2 days home with her he said he would never complain about helping me around the house again.

Exactly! And then he makes it seem as if walking home is what got him feeling "worse". Not driving his motorcycle during winter time at midnight for a 20min drive in the cold. 😤 Men...

It’s like they wanna be the woman but don’t want to do the things we do.

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