Trying before first period after miscarriage?

Hi, I’ve just had my miscarriage confirmed today, started bleeding at 6 weeks on Saturday. On scan today they said uterus and ovaries both look normal with no retained products, and my pregnancy test was looking lighter so they think will be negative soon. Have many people got pregnant within this first month and had successful pregnancies? I don’t know that I can face another period after this and if it was safe to conceive asap I would like to try. But I don’t want to increase our chances of loss and heartbreak again. Thank you everyone x
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@Sophie Hey Lovely, I don't know if you ever want to talk, but if you do, (806)-282-8916

@Heaven so sorry to you also. It’s heartbreaking having all confirmed aswell. Sending thoughts your way x

I am SOOOO SOOOO IMMENSELY SORRY 🙏🙏🙏👼👼👼🥺🥺🥺😔😔😔 I will be praying for you abd your family Sophie... I'm going through the same situation. I was 6 weeks too and had my appointment today and it was all confirmed. I pray Health, Healing, Blessings and Baby dust upon you ✨️✨️✨️ ESPECIALLY with the Holidays

@Lucy it is so hard, so sorry you’re going through this too. I don’t have many friends who have had losses so this is all so new to me x

@Elli so sorry for your losses, congratulations on your beautiful rainbow 🌈 you’re so brave to have waited so long x

It's definitely best to wait at least one cycle and period before trying again, otherwise it is very hard on your body. I have had 3 miscarriages in a row but this pregnancy is healthy 🤞 I waited a full year to try again so my cycles could return to normal before becoming pregnant again

@Sophie it’s so hard, I completely understand how you’re feeling as I’m at this exact stage too. My biggest fear is to have another loss straight after this loss but I want a baby so much that I feel like my heart will be broken if my period comes and it will also bring back all the sadness that I went through watching the bleed as I miscarried 💔 I feel like this loss completely blind sided me as it hadnt even crossed my mind that I’d miscarry so if I go into another pregnancy I also feel like I’m carrying a new fear and anxiousness around loss and worrying if eveything is ok X

@Lucy this is what I said to my husband, the idea of seeing the blood again I think will just bring it all back. But if I went straight into another pregnancy loss I’m not sure how I would cope x

I had a MC at 7wks in Oct. The EPU told me to wait at least 2 weeks before unprotected sex, until all bleeding had stopped and pain gone away to reduce chances of infection. I haven’t had a period since my MC but started to ovulate last week and we’ve tried again. Now I’m in the TWW stage to see if my period comes or if we’ve conceived. Fingers and toes crossed. I can’t face seeing a period, I feel like it’s traumatic after the miscarriage 🙁 however I’m still scared of another pregnancy as I’m worried it will happen again. Just do what feels right for you, nobody can say what’s right or wrong X

I’d say take your time and listen to your body. I’ve never been through this personally but have a little patience and faith and give yourself time.

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