Anyone else's baby have oral thrush? We have been given medication for her to take so fingers crossed she's on the mend. I just wanted to ask anyone whose LO's have also suffered, did it make any of your LO's upset during feeds? How did they display during feeds etc? And after the medicine did it improve feeds?
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My LO has had it oral thrush since he was one week old, he's now 6 weeks old and still has it even after finishing 2 different types of medication. it hasn't ever affected him but doctors now won't give him any other medication as he's feeding fine and they said it will clear on its own. Hopefully it does bless him

Did anyone find that their LO would spill out so much milk during feeds?

Same as above, white tongue and inside cheeks. Didn't bother little man at all thankfully! Didn't quite clear with first round of medication, just starting the second. 🤞🏻

We started medication today - drops for the wee one and cream for me. She's been a bit fussy on the boob on and off the last week or so don't know if that's related to the thrush or just her being 4 weeks old 🤣 x

My LO did, it didn’t seem to affect feeds at all but I also had to be treated as I was breastfeeding at the time. The only indication she had oral thrush was white spots/patches on her tongue. I also took my LO back to the doctors as the white tongue hadn’t healed after medication was finished, but the doc said the white tongue can last a while even once the infection has gone. X

How did you find out that she has a thrush ? Do you have to take medication as well?

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