Maternity leave

Do any of you feel like aside from looking after baby that you should be doing other things of “value” during maternity leave? Aside from looking after baby, washing, sterilising etc, I am going for lunch or coffee or meeting friends and family. I don’t want to look back and think “shit, I should have done X with my time” if you get my drift…
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Nope, absolutely not. This time is specifically for looking after baby and giving them the best start in life, so that's exactly what I'm focusing my time on. It's hard enough doing that let alone trying to do other things as well. In terms of doing things of "value", nurturing baby and giving them that best start is the most valuable thing in my opinion!

Yup we make sure we get out and do things as a couple, as a family and just me and the baby! I’m planning so much over Christmas as I’ll be back to work in January xx

I have enjoyed some time with family and it has been nice to "practice" how I would leave the house for things. My husband and I had a date day when he turned 8 weeks and it was truly wonderful. Neither of us thought about the pile of chores or anything other than enjoying each other's company and watching our little one take in the outside world.

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