GD and eating out

Any tips for eating out at places with GD? I’m due soon and me and hubby would like to go somewhere before baby arrives. I’m well aware that watching the diet and eating out will be tough. Has anyone else let it slip for one day to enjoy themselves? Any advice welcome 🤗
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@Danni hey! I assume you eat chicken and stuff? Think that’s where I struggle 😞 not much veggie stuff x

Nandos, Wagamamas and harvester were good for me

@Jemma I love Wagamamas! Im veggie so I have struggled but I’ll try and find something full of veggies. I wish they had a special menu for us! 🙈

@Olivia hey! It’s literally just a one off before we welcome baby. I’ll be really mindful of my choices. It’s been so hard as I’ve basically just lived on eggs, nuts and water this whole time 😂

I had wagamamas a few times. I either had the teriyaki chicken with vegetables or the chicken koyo bowl and never got a spike 😊. Any place that does the hanging kebabs also worked well as it was lots of protein

Yes I have. I’m diet controlled. The reading was high after I’d treated myself eating out with a friend. I spoke to the consultant about it but she wasn’t concerned. As long as it’s not a regular occurrence and you know why it’s high shouldn’t be a huge problem. I would recommend going for a walk after if you can x

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