Problems with pumping!

In the last few days, I've been struggling with pumping, and I'm not sure why! So, the baby needed feeding tried her on the boob and she latched she hasn't done this since she was born 3 weeks ago. My question is, how do I know she is getting enough, and how do I know if she is finished She then wouldn't latch and was just crying i tried to drip the milk in her mouth but she wasnt that bothered and continued to cry so I topped her up with formula she's now flat out Any advice on breast feeding, I also jave to work on the positions! Back is killing!
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No, do they not get checked in the hospital for that? I also pump 100% but because of the slow milk supply figured I'd try it I'll have to have a look into nipple shields thank you

Pillows help maintain ur positioning also formula helps keep baby asleep a little longer I've learned my first was formula fed because she is lactose intolerant my baby is 11 days old now strictly breastmilk I had a few issues the first few days with supply etc. But he can't latch, and if he does for a few seconds, he bites, so I had to switch to pumping 100%. Couple of questions. Have u had her evaluated for a tongue or lip tie sometimes that is a culprits when they can't keep their latch on to the boob Have u tried nipple shields sometimes the firmness helps a better/longer latch until their full 2 forcing a latch like some lactation consultants will recommend will not always work the baby wants what she wants😅.

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