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Hi guys, my LO wouldn’t take anything but the breast up until this point and i’ve almost given up on dummies. We’ve just bought the Lanisnoh bottle to try formula again which i think she’s taking a bit better but now it’s the formula she doesn’t like. So my question is does anyone know which formula tastes most like or closest to breast milk? I want to start introducing formula as she’s only been breastfed. Also any dummies you guys would recommend as we’ve tried two different makes so far and she only gags :( thank youuu
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I started with the odd bottle of aptamil in amongst breast milk but then changed to hipp organic with no issues x

My son also gagged on lots of Pacis the one he took was tommee tippee ultra light, I’m not no help on formula goodluck!

Thank you ladies for the advice, just bought Kendamil and will try the Nuk or bib dummies next as they seem to be most recommended. x

We’re about to start combi feeding and will be using SMA as this is what he was on in hospital before my milk came in. We also use Nuk dummies x

My little one has been combination fed for the last 2 weeks after being EBF. We use MAM bottles, dummies and Aptamil, we started by introducing a bottle of breast milk form the beginning so she got used to taking a bottle and slowing introduced formula one feed at a time x

Kendamil formula has been great for my little one and we've been combi feeding. He hasn't been fussy with a dummy but has struggled keeping them in and he'll let go of them easily and they pop out. I bought some bibs dummies today and he has really taken to them and has kept it in for ages.

We are on Aptamil and my boy swaps happily between boob and bottle. I have the Avent dummies which I think are quite small as he gagged on anything else including Mam and Nanobebe.

When I had my daughter she went on to kendamil after breastmilk and took it really well. I think it smells nicer than other formulas too. My boy (now 10 weeks) isn't a fan of the dummy, he will somtimes have a wee sook on it if he is tired but usually just spits it out. We started with MAM as thats what my daughter used with no problems. Now using a Nuk one. They are a flatter teat so more similar to an actual nipple. He still doest take it amazingly though.

@Megan We tried the SMA but i don’t think she likes it. I thought it was the bottle at first but now she’s taking the new bottle but gags once she drinks the formula. I’ll give Kendamil a go! Yes, MAM dummies were the first ones we tried and then the nanobebe she hates them both. :(

Which formula have you tried? We combifeed expressed breast milk and formula and my LO has kendamil without any problems! We use mam dummies - not sure if you’ve tried those yet. I also know people rave about bibs dummies x

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