Due date buddies?

I found out I’m pregnant with baby two after almost 5 years of waiting. My due date is July 4th! My birthday is July 1st!! I’m hoping I have a boy this time! My almost 5 year old in December is a beautiful girl named Angelina 🧡
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My due date is July 3rd

My due date is July 5!

@Lauren awh how exciting though!!

I’m due July 4th too! Currently have a ten month old, so I’m already exhausted thinking about 2 under 2

Thank you! Congratulations everyone! There is so many July babies in my family as well!

Hi! I am 5 weeks with due date July 22. But I am also in Michigan! Congrats to you!

My due date is July 4 too! My husbands (and his nephew) is July 3. My brother July 7 and my husbands other nephew July 11ish. There is a possibility I will deliver the week before (at 39 weeks) and it will be a June baby. Which I’m hoping. I don’t want a July baby😅

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