Burned out 🥱

How are you mommas doing?! No matter what I do I can get my babe to sleep through the night and at this point I’m just permanently worn out
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Same over here. My girl was a pretty good sleeper with only waking 1-2x a night. But the last few weeks we hit a regression. She fights her naps throughout the day, but then scream cries when we start her bedtime routine. This goes on for at least 2 hours 😵‍💫 So I resort to rocking her to sleep. As soon as we transfer to crib, her eyes spring open and we start the whole process over. I'm SO tired 😭

You should do sleep train. It will be good for your baby and for you. There are gentle methods you can go for.

My issue is he wakes up twice a night soooo hungry. Like he will eat and go right back to sleep. So obviously he’s waking for a reason ya know. Like taking down 8 oz twice a night then as soon as he’s up. He doesn’t eat like that during the day

@Jessica Are you feeding solids during the day?

look up reverse cycling and how to fix it! my baby was doing that for a bit too

Yes he’s eating 3 times a day

@AnnaI just read a little about it. Should I offer less food at night? How did you reverse it?

@Jessica yeah! we started during the day and just got her as stuffed as possible literally all day and then at night we dropped about 1.5 oz per feeding (enough to just barely tide her over) and then do that day after day, she went from eating every 3-4 h overnight like 7 oz each to eating less than 4 overnight and sleeping 7 h straight

@Anna I’m going to start tonight! I’m going to drop it from 8 to 4 for a few nights then slowly reduce it. Was your LO a distracted eater during the day too?

@Jessica SO DISTRACTED we found when she’s half asleep and going down for a nap is the best time to pump like 10 oz into her lol

Same here! I’ve been pumping food into this guy all day. So fingers crossed he sleeps!

@Jessica ugh I hope so for you, let me know how it goes!

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