Does it get better?

Today I was supposed to go shopping w my mom and then my bf was supposed to watch babygirl. Bf took to long to come back home and so mom changed her mind and now wants to stay home. I haven’t left the house in weeks and I’m going crazy, don’t want to be alone being out due to anxiety in crowds . I haven’t bought myself something new in MONTHS . All I wear now is black and baggy. I can’t leave my baby girl for 5 minutes cause she barley sleeps and if she does she magically knows if I leave the room. I can’t do anything anymore , not even clean. I’m lucky if I can even prep /clean bottles. As soon as she turned 2 months she’s been like this . She won’t sleep longer than 30 minutes. Please tell me it gets better cause I hate not being able to do anything. I feel like a horrible person and mother tbh .
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Oh I’m so sorry. I promise it gets better! Honestly the 1st 3 months was my hardest. I started to take my little man out with me everywhere I felt so much better and more human again. YOU ARE NOT a horrible person or mother. This feeling is totally normal and happens. Also isn’t grand islands FL near Eustis? I close by if so, I live near Deltona, so if you want to meet up and just get out and talk, I’m down!

@Rebecca I’ll look some videos up thank you!

@Flecshaney I tried it before she was 2 months it was a hate/love relationship but I’ll have to give it a go again. Thank you🫶🏼

I will advise it does get better over time. I have a 5 month old that was like that a lot. around 4 months we started to be able to create a routine and I started to be able to catch up on everything 🙃 baby wearing helps and the are also baby stimulation videos on YouTube that can entertain them for a few minutes (start with black and white only)

Honestly going through the same thing. Have you tried baby wearing? I’ve been trying this for two weeks and it’s been great. It allows me to be able to do things I need to, while still giving her that closeness and attention she wants

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