has anyone raised a complaint through PALS before?

38w & ive just had the worst experience in the last 24 hours. still all fresh on what’s happened, but all i know is i had to self discharge even though i definitely still should be in the MAC unit. has anyone raised a complaint thru PALS due to any treatment they’ve received & did you ever get an outcome? probs my hormones & being sick + tired but i don’t really wanna let go what’s happened lmao.
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@roula yeah was a joke and I said that. I work in the NHS as a psychologist and I said it’s unacceptable I would never talk to one of my patients like that and if I did or multiple times I’d deffo be losing my job. Don’t understand why they didn’t discipline her. Thank you and I hope it works out for you too. Good for you don’t let it go. Sending love and well wishes xx

Not for pregnancy but I was very very poorly two and a half years ago for 18 months and was in and out of hospital. The treatment I received multiple times was horrendous, one time I was in A&E unable to breathe properly, stand up, etc and shoved in a corner of a corridor in a wheelchair with no one accompanying me and no way to get up to go to the toilet or get any food (I had been in for over 10 hours) - I was ignored several times and was in tears, a consultant basically shouted at me when I was clearly very vulnerable, amongst other things. PALS never got back to me - I wrote to my MP and he said he would look into it but shock, he never got back to me. Maternity issues might be different but I just got more upset at being ignored and needed closure so left it in the end 🤷🏼‍♀️

I have made a complaint with PALS about the way I was treated when I was in hospital with a kidney infection at 26 weeks pregnant. The midwife “looking after me” didn’t check in on me for over 6hrs but wrote in my notes that she came and did my stats every 1hr-2hrs. She also wrote in my note that when she asked when I first got onto the ward what my pain scale was, I told her 3/10 and seemed well in myself so she only gave me paracetamol. I had spoken to a different midwife on DAU 20mins before being brought down to the ward who documented me not looking well and my pain being an 8-9. I have had a missed call from PALS but I’ve had so many different appointments to go to between being on bed rest I just haven’t got round to ringing them back. Also feel bad at the idea of getting the woman in trouble but at the same time I don’t want her to neglect another woman and falsify her records. Also really praying she’s not the midwife I end up with whilst in labour. Good luck either way x

@roula yeah. Names and times just so they could investigate. I did call them up the following day just to make sure they were on it and asked if they could call me with an action plan. That got things moving quickly

I have, not since I’ve been pregnant but about other stuff that’s happened to me whilst I’ve been in hospital. Both times someone rang me and apologised for my experience but it was “we’re sorry you felt that way” and pretty much brushed off

@Ki ugh hate that for you, tbh especially with your body going thru madness, last thing you want is to be treated shit 🥲 & mental about the woman have loads of complaints & somehow is probs still there working with little to no repercussions, glad it all worked out better in your new hospital thou!! defo gonna write out an email when im feeling better to send cause aight no wayyy im letting this go 😭 x

@Fatima ahhh, that’s good, hopefully all is well now! did you include names etc when you raised it?

@roula yeah the woman was so rude for no reason. I left the room because I was going to lose it and my friend told her she was rude and to fix herself loool. Hopefully it won’t be the same at the next one but please make sure you take care of you and baby. So another staff member got PALS to call me and said loads of people have an issue with this same lady and they called me and I explained everything on the phone but didn’t get a response about outcome etc. that was enough to make me not book there haha 🤣 my current hospital are amazing. I was actually born in the same hospital I’m giving birth in, so was my sister, my friends and their kids. I recommend emailing tho as then there is a trace and history. Hope everything works out okay and you get a response and it dealt with. Not long to go, look after yourself x

I had to do it recently for my mum and they got back to me really quickly and resolved the issue. Depending on the severity they should follow up :)

@Ki thank you, im sorry you did early on too. yeah im contemplating going to the second hospital we got round here tbh, but don’t know if im ready for round 2 of neglect whilst im feeling so weak 🥲 that’s so shitty that they never got back to you all this time thou!! did you end up emailing or calling when you first raised it? X

I’m sorry you’ve had such a bad experience. If you feel you need to be admitted go to another hospital and explain. Main thing is you and baby are safe. I had a bad experience during an early scan and I raised a complaint through PALS and they’ve not got back to me - I was 5 weeks at the time and now I’m 37 weeks lol. It’s rubbish but I would still recommend you do it as their PALS may be better than my hospitals x

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