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Does anyone else have a baby who just won’t nap independently, dread nap times literally have to rock him to sleep whilst he is screaming the house down and is inconsolable and then when he eventually is asleep he has 30 minutes. I see mums who put their baby down and they just nap on their own! I literally dread every nap because he fights so hard. Initially thought it was over tiredness but it’s all the time so can’t be, and unlikely the fourth month regression as he’s always been like it really it’s just got worse. (He’s four months old)
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Have you tried carrying him and going outside? Mine is so hard to put down for a nap (also 4 months) and carrier/sling works 95% of the time. Sometimes I feed him to sleep in bed and nap with him (he will wake if I roll away) but other than that we use fabric sling at home (and sometimes bounce on a ball with him in a sling) or structured carrier and going outside. Otherwise no naps in this house 🙈

Mine won’t nap unless on you. She lasts minutes in the cot or bassinet so for an easy life I let her sleep on me

My boy doesn’t and he’s 5m. I’ve embraced the naps now tbh. Gives me time to play on the switch 🤣 It’s a real struggle when they don’t go down easy though. One thing that helped when my boy was real upset and didn’t want to go down was rhythmically walking around the house, patting his bum and giving him loving looks and eye contact to make him feel safe. I found this calmed him and he would eventually go to sleep. Sometimes I would have to add in a bounce or a rock We use huckleberry which I find useful. It uses the data you put in to determine the best time for your bubs to nap. It’s pretty spot on although sometimes he’ll go longer/shorter but it’s handy to know when abouts to start prepping for a nap Also check out dozesleepcoaching a look at on IG. Her approach to sleep is so real and informative and she’s really responsive in her dms. I’ve messaged a few times and she gives me some reassuring voice notes back. And her sleep guides are affordable if that’s up your alley!

We also use the huckleberry app to find the sweet spot for when to put her down for her nap so that she’s not over or under tired x

We always do a little routine before nap time that works really well, just closing the blinds and putting the white noise on together, putting her into her sleep sack, reading two books, then she goes down really easily. If we don’t do this and try to put her in the cot she won’t have it, but she’s also able to sleep out and about/ in the carrier/ in light/ without white noise etc. I’m not sure if this is just our baby being okay with it or the little pre nap routine or a mixture of both but it definitely helps the baby to not be suddenly taken down for a nap and to clock the steps that signal it’s nap time soon. we do a similar thing at bed time x

@Cat oh no. She does spit it out at some point but it really settles her. Think it annoys her after that

@Rachel mine proceeds to do anything to take it out!!

The only thing that's saving me is a dummy! She fights it less with that in

Yup mine is the same but recently it’s gotten worse he really fights me my arm and back is in bits it can take forever

Oh yes mine is exactly the same and has always been like that!

Mine won’t. We rock and nap to sleep every 1.5-2hrs in the day and before bedtime and he’s just turned 4 months ☺️ he feeds back to sleep throughout his night feeds

I’ve been trying white noise and it seems to calm him a bit. Baby also 4 months

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