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Hello! Baby boy is 10 days old and we've been l combining breastfeeding and Formula feeding (due to poor latch and subsequent pain mainly). We've just bought a food prep machine as he has been using pre made bottles until now. What are the rules with making bottles, storing them, taking them out and about? Can they be refrigerated and used cold? How long can they be kept at room temperature etc? Ta :)
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@Rebecca I'm pumping and BF as well as the odd bottle. Upping my pumping and feeds to increase supply but its hard bring so sore. Seeing the feeding team again Friday 🤞🏻 x

@Tanya I am, I'm seeing the feeding teams for extra support but still using some formula in the interim while I'm too sore to exclusively BF x

It's 24 hours in the fridge. 2 hours at room temperature and 1 hour after use for formula. Also have you tried pumping and bottle feeding or was pumping painful for you too?

You can make formula in advance. Like say you make some for the day you can refrigerate and use throughout the day to feed baby, but has to be used within 24 hours. I wouldn’t give it cold. I usually just have a cup of hot water on hand to warm it as I don’t have an fancy things to heat or warm water. If baby doesn’t finish bottle you have 1 hour to use, after that you have to through away due to bacteria. I personally haven’t left them at room temp so I can’t say for that.

If you’re formula feeding because of a poor latch and then pain you’re best seeking skilled support with that.

I'm not sure about keeping them in the fridge as I have a prep machine and just made them when my daughter was hungry. I do know that once baby has drank from the bottle, its only good for an hour after due to bacteria.

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