Tummy time

Anyone else’s 5 month old balance on their belly? My boy lifts his arms and legs straight in the air and balances all the time😂
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My baby does this, we call it skydiving 😂

Haha😂it’s so funny

Yes us. But because she won’t put her hands underneath her shoulders she struggles to roll back to her back

@Alex My boys is the same. He can roll onto his back as he’s done it a few times before but it’s like he’s forgotten how to do it and always gets stuck x

My boy does it as well! But he refused to roll.

Yes we call it his superman pose 🥰

Yeah this is her! She just lies there kicking and flapping her arms x

Yes! My boy does it all the time we call it belly boarding. Sooo annoying though as even 2 hours after a feed sometimes he makes himself sick doing it… not that it bothers him but it makes a mess 😂😂

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