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Anyone else suuuuper agitated!? 😩 I can’t sleep properly, exhausted / insomnia, I can’t breathe, I have no interest in films/books/TV, walking around like a zombie.. Any mums who have been there before, does this feeling go when baby comes? I’m feeling sad I’m going to be a stressy agitated woman and ruin the mood and atmosphere when baby comes 😪
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Newborn tired is definitely SO much better than pregnancy tired! I can’t wait until I’m tired due to my adorable little baby and not because my whole body hurts and I’m restless and uncomfortable and hormonal af 🤣

I feel exactly the same, especially lack of interest in things which I’ve noticed for a few weeks. I go off on maternity next Friday and I’m hoping that rest, even if it’s not sleep, will help. No advice but I completely empathise!

We got this Clair! You’re not alone - maybe our bodies way of us getting through the final push to get babies out! I loved my pregnancy and bump so this is a real emotional shift for me ☹️

Honestly I feel like absolute crap lately. 35 weeks now and feel so rough with headaches, nausea, pain, insomnia, I'm that tired I'm starting to feel anxious from the sleep deprivation and the baby isn't even here yet 🥺 xx

Ooh I have heard this but nice to hear again - my husband just said cause even when I’m asleep my body is still looking after a little baby so working overtime.. I feel cheated like maternity leave I could rest and enjoy but this week, bam - reality hit haha! Xxx

From my personal experience I found newborn tired a lot easier than pregnancy tired! Literally had this conversation with my partner yesterday. My little boy who is currently 14 months I also had a bad end of pregnancy with him but coped soooo much better with the newborn tiredness! Xx

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