Okay my nub detectives… 🤣 I need your help here

Gender guesses? My twins are doing great! 🥰 and it’s guaranteed that at least 1 is a boy based on my NIPT…..💙 what do we think? Are they both boys?! One of each?! 😂❤️
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@Taty that actually makes a lot of sense and now that you say that they do look slightly different

I’m not having twins but the way my sonographer explained it to me was that with a boy it looks like 3 dots, 2 on bottom and one on top (almost like a lil pyramid) and with girls you typically see a line or 3 lines in a row which would be labias and clitoris . It’s hard to tell from these images a little but based off what she told me looks like the top image may be a girl lol

I’m having twins too 🫶🏽

They are DiDi!

hi! fellow twin mama here i have boys who will be 2 next month! do you know what type of twins you are having?

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