Just wanted to share the excitement! I'm 24+6 and my partner finally felt our girl kick and move around, I literally cried when he said he felt it!!! 😭🥰❤️
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I have felt my girl move since 16 weeks and it’s only gotten stronger and it feels amazing

Best feeling ever, I'm nearly 22 weeks and I've been feeling my little girl move since about 15 weeks, she's always low down but very active!

@Secretmammaxo awww so cute!!! My baby is low alot too but super active! And I wish my bf would act more excited about it but to be fair this is my 1st and his 3rd so he's been through it before

@Liv YES!!! This exactly is how it is for us! I literally try all the time to have him feel her and even though I can feel her he can’t but I swear when I touch my belly I can feel her but I don’t know if it’s just because I can feel it on the inside too hahhaha. But I can’t wait for when he can actually feel the kicks! So exciting! Happy for you guys! ❤️❤️❤️

Eeeeeee congratulations girl!!!! I’m so happy for you! This happened to me too 😍- nearly 25 weeks here! I’ve been feeling babyboy for a few weeks now; he is constantly kicking away but he’ll especially go wild in the bath when I’ve got tiktok on so my partner has sat with me in the bath waiting and waiting and it just hasn’t happened and I could tell he was gutted. He has his hand on my tummy all the time talking to baby… His birthday was yesterday- and I did a card from bump and I put in it “maybe if you’re lucky, I’ll give you some birthday bumps” - sure enough after dinner I felt the kicks higher up for the first time and he felt two of the biggest kicks baby has done so far!!! I thought he was going to cry! I’m so happy. Kicks have gone back to being low again 😂. Best feeling ever xxxxx

@Nicole I've been waiting weeks and trying to get him to feel it for what feels like forever lol I actually was about to give up and stop asking him to feel for them lol its so nice for some reason feels like a kind of confirmation 😊 like I'm not crazy and I really do feel a baby moving around in there 😂 And that's like how it was for us, there was one time a couple weeks ago where he thought he felt something but he wasn't for sure and never felt it again until today

Omg!!!! So exciting congratulations to you and to your partner feeling the kick!!! Im currently 23 weeks and although I feel movements all the time I don’t think mines kicking yet and my hubby hasn’t been able to feel yet except one time he kinda felt some movement. Can’t wait for that day I hope mine can feel at 24 weeks too!

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