Steroids for baby?

I was diagnosed with a short cervix at 20 weeks. This is my second pregnancy and I did not have this with my first. Delivered at 39w2d with my first, no complications. I’ve been having weekly ultrasounds and now my cervix is 1.1cm. Cerclage is not recommended at this point. We decided to wait on steroids for baby’s lung development. I’m still hopefully to carry her to full term. Thank you to all posting your positive stories. Has anyone done steroids for baby to help with development? If you’re willing to share your story, I’d love to hear it. Thank you 🩷
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@Jessica thank you for sharing. That’s great to hear the progesterone worked so well!

@Kaila I was on progesterone starting at 20 weeks I could not get in to a high risk doctor in time to get the cerclage the progesterone worked for me until my water broke at 34+6 I had to be induced they gave me the steroid shot while I was in labor but I don’t feel it was effective for my baby. My mother had the steroid shot with me and my brother both and we were fine we did not have to go into the NiCU but my son had breathing problems and had to stay in the NiCU for 13 days. My mother and I both gave birth at 35 weeks

@Dana thank you for sharing your story! So happy to hear it was great for your daughter. I was wondering about the fetal fibronectin too. I had contractions at 22 weeks but my test was negative. I wonder if my provider will recommend those occasionally to determine if the steroids are needed. Sorry to hear about your twins 🩷 That must be so incredibly tough. Thank you again for sharing your story ☺️

@E 23w2d. I started progesterone daily at 20w3d when they found my cervix was short.

How many weeks are you now? Did they mention progesterone to help with the shortening cervix?

If you can push for the cerclage, I would try and advocate for it mama! Doctors can be weird about recommending them but they have super high success rates to keep baby in utero for as long as possible. My water broke at 19+3 due to short cervix with my first. With my 2nd I got a preventative cerclage at 14 weeks and today I turned 31 weeks and so far so good. Cerclage can really help give reassurance to keep baby in! Good luck!!

@Kaila ohh okay I get it. The listed risks are scary but thankfully I am measuring 2.6cm now

Oh wow. Until today it was about 1.7 cm so we decided the cerclage had more risks than benefits.

I was diagnosed with short cervix / incompetent cervix at 19+1. I measured 1.3cm and immediately had to get admitted to my hospital to get the rescue cerclage done. After that I was given Antibiotics and progesterone to take (which I’m still taking). 5 weeks later (24+1) it was recommended I get two steroid shots but that was for a different reason. I got those shots because I also have Oligohydramnios (low amniotic fluid) so it’s crazy they aren’t offering anything to you.

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