Advice on how to handle becoming a single mother.

So my baby daddy and I are no longer together and I’m heart broken, never have I ever been at my lowest before, and here I am. One minute he wants me and the next he doesn’t. I’m a first time mum as well, he’s a first time dad, but I honestly don’t know how to get through this. I’d just like some advice on how to heal. Our relationship needed to end as it just became unhealthy and especially for my daughter to be around it.
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She’s 14months Old @Rose

That sucks how old is baby

Ooof girl, I’ve been there gone thru hell and back , he left me when my baby was 2 months old. You’ll make it thru, I promise. Don’t try to date right away, give yourself time to heal your heart. Find your people and community/ support system. Make some mom friends in a similar situation. Go to the gym, go out to nature, find a hobby or two, try to remember who you are again. You’ll be ok dear I promise.

It can be difficult you just gotta keep your head up girl stay strong for your baby. My son’s father uses him as a pond and tries to control me with him. We’ve been split for a good eight months now for the second time hasn’t sent a single thing of my sons refuses to give his toys refuses to give him his clothes even refuses to send 20 bucks for like a new pair of shoes because I will not come back to him, it just got his point where I cut ties. My son wants to talk to him he’ll let me know and they can talk other than that I cut all ties. Surround yourself with the people who are there to support you there the ones that matter the most. When I was with him, I was doing everything on my own financially and physically. I finally now have the support that I’ve never had and I am so grateful for it.

@Rubii yes thank you thankfully for me was years ago. Now happy and moved on with my current partner and have another daughter. Allow yourself time to heal and focus on you and your daughter and positive things will follow 🥰

Hey I am going through the same thing. I left my home town too and lost all my friends. Here if you need a chat

Hi love! I’m sorry that you’re going through that. Break ups are never easy but when you have a child together it makes things so much harder to get over because you still have to speak to him and see him. You just need to give yourself a little time. Keep the communication between you & him as simple as possible. It will take a few weeks and then you’ll realise you’ve started to find yourself again. Until then keep yourself busy as possible. Go outside, see your friends and family, go on days out, go to the gym. When you’re at home keep your mind occupied by reading, playing games, cleaning, listening to podcasts. But also, feel the feels! If you need to cry then cry, if you need to vent then vent. Eventually you will start to feel better. The first 2/3 weeks are super hard but after that I promise you’ll start to feel more at peace x

@Lena I appreciate this thank you so much

@Jess thank you ❤️ I hope you are okay!

Coparent *

Just went through this , still going though it . Just keep busy, busy , busy. Go to the gym as much as you can . Focus on your baby and your goals . Do the things that make you happy , talk to your friends and hang out with them and your family . Whatever you do , don’t dwell on what could’ve been . If it’s ment to be it will come back . And don’t stress yourself out . Create a schedule with the dad so y’all Can copa rent peacefully .

Don't forget to make time for you. I kept busy all the time but it did take me a long time to heal...although mine was an abusive relationship

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