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For those who LOs nap once at nursery but have 2 naps at home, do they start to refuse the second nap? I don’t think she’s ready to drop the 2nd nap yet and I’d like to keep that in for at least a couple of months.
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@Hannah ah that’s reassuring, our LG was surprisingly tame and in good spirits despite having a 44 minute nap for the whole day, and went down super easy. Def don’t want to make a habit of it just yet of course x

My little one tends to only have one at nursery but two at home and she defo needs both. I think at nursery she is far too interested in playing then sleeping even if she is knackered 🤦🏼‍♀️ it effects her nighttime sleep as she gets overtired but there’s not a lot I can do! So I just make sure she has 2 when at home to let her catch up until she’s fully ready to go to 1 xx

@Rhiannon yup, we drive but her naps are crap usually out and about, she naps the best in her cot and she’s on a routine as standard. It’s only the last 2 weeks she’s been refusing to take naps at her usual time at nursery. I’m not too worried yet, just as long as it doesn’t translate to home x

@Shana do you drive and if so does baby sleep well in the car? Sometimes if I know he needs a nap but he refuses I take him out in the car and he is out like a light!

Thanks ladies, she’s going up to 3 days a week at nursery now but I’m keen to keep the 2 naps in until around 13/14 months at least. She’s started refusing her morning one and afternoon one. Just don’t want her to think she can only have the 1 at home to but if that’s what she eventually wants, then so be it 🥲

My little one has one nap at nursery, and two at home. She definitely still needs two naps at home as she’s always exhausted.

Some days yes others no, I just follow his cues and put him down of he needs one. We went about 2 weeks with only 1 nap but now he wants 2

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