Hi all, first of all congratulations everyone❤️ I just want to know if anyone has been feeling this way. So I’m currently 4weeks and 1 day so still very early. I feel that I can’t be happy at the moment I’m constantly worrying and thinking the worst tmi but when I go to pee or wake up in the morning I always think there will be blood but so far so good. Has anyone any advice or tips to over come this? Thanks 🥰
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Pregnancy massage and reflexology. I had such a stressful pregnancy and my anxiety was through the roof which affected my blood pressure.I started attending Airmid Therapies and couldn't recommend more. This really helped keep me calm. All your feelings are normal, we all go through it. I found these sessions allowed me to process my million thoughts and worries, and reset.

Can relate so much - you almost expect something to go wrong and its so hard to not think like that🤍 I dont think i 'relaxed' until i felt movements but even now at 33+4 i still worry - completely normal to feel these feelings for our little bubbas that we just love so much🤍🤍

Thank you everyone it’s so reassuring to know I’m not the only one honestly felt like I was mad. I’ve the doctors today to get everything registered and get the ball rolling. Congratulations on your baby boy Lesley 💙

With my first i constantly googled 🙄 I cried every other day worrying I was going to loose them until I had my dating scan. I properly didn’t relax until after the 20 week scan when I got the all clear. Tips: - avoid Google - keep yourself super busy (being pregnant with a toddler you have no time to even think about it). - speak to your GP or midwife and you can be referred onto a course that can help you reduce stress. My LO, all scans went well and had given birth to a healthy baby.

Hey I was like this as well until a good while into my pregnancy, I still always "expect" to see something or for it to go wrong. Honestly it gets better as time goes on (it's hard knowing that early) but I found going to pregnancy yoga helped me & you realise so many people feel the same. (Although you usually have to be past 12weeks for yoga) x

I’m 40+3 and still check. It’s a natural thing. Gets easier as the weeks go by but I think if you worry now, there’s always going to be a little bit of that throughout but it’s more of a check without worry? Not sure if this make sense?

Thank you so much for the reassurance♥️

Only natural to feel that way and worry. Try relax, I’ve done it and now I’m 28 +3 and still check x

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