Tips n tricks to keep the turkey moist

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2 years ago I cooked it in the crock pot and then roasted it in the oven. It was super tender, falling right off the bone and the skin was crispy

Rub your butter mixture between the skin and meat and then more on top of the skin

It was only the two of us though & we did the most 💀💀

@Arlene that sounds delicious! I've got to try that

@Mandie I second that and also the juice of an orange also moist meats as well a Turkey directly squeeze the juice on top of the turkey

Butter! Season your room temp butter and put it under the flap Of the skin!!!

Inject it and baste it or you can mix ur seasoning with butter and rub it on the turkey after you pat it dry

Brining is an option but it's really good to inject it and/or baste it every 30 minutes during cooking 🤗

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