Plug ?

How do you know your plug has gone I just felt this warm liquid and it’s like a jelly cone out and it’s yellowish/ clear Iv been in for some bloods and they was on about how they’re going to talk about the plan
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It'll be the mucus plug but please note it can regenerate and doesn't always mean labour

@Louise fingers crossed for you! Xx

@Jess-louise will do hopefully they will say she’s ready to come this week

@Louise let us know everything is well!

@Jess-louise yeah I’ll see what they say

Your plug is huge. It is a concern for them if any of it comes away but some of mine came away at 25 weeks and they wasn’t too bothered but that was it until 39 weeks when the whole lot came out and it was never ending, you really don’t believe how much is there. Just take a picture to show your midwife xx

@Laridana thank you I am due on Friday so I guess it makes sense to come now

@Louise yh that sounds ike your mucus plug

It looks like snot 😅

I went to the toilet and then felt a warm trickle and it’s like a jelly clear thing come out

Hi lovely, my plug came away and I taken a picture of it to show midwife,message if you want to see it. Don’t want to post it incase it’s a bit gross xx

I’d say that’s your plug yeah. I felt the same thing

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