Baby’s kicking

Am 15 weeks tomorrow and I just had this sharp pain in my right side, right in my ribs, felt like it was a kick. Did anyone else feel baby’s morning this early or am I just overthinking that I am 😅
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I sure did! It calmed down after I had a cerclage at 16 weeks, but started to faintly come back in 18 weeks.

@Sharaya when we’ve been for ultrasounds they are lying like next to each other but twin one was right in my bladder, they naught one didn’t want to come out and say hello

As you get more ultrasounds they'll label them A and B and you'll know which one is where, mine were kinda higher and lower almost like a yingyang ☯️ so one beat up my ribs while the other beat up my bladder 🥴 they'll let you know which one is in place to be born first, they labeled them A for the left and B for the right at the beginning but B grew lower down so she ended up being my baby A born 3 minutes ahead of her sister

Just hope after they r born i know which one was bothering me inside. Lol

Yes! Thats what i always think. That i know i have 1 naughty twin in there😂

@Safira that’s exactly what it felt like one kick, we’ve got one naughty twin I definitely think it’s them letting me know they are they

Ur not alone! I started feeling that on my left side at 14 weeks. Just 1 kick n that would be it.

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