Heartburn is KILLING me

Nothing is working 😭😭
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Mine worked immediately but also I don’t know if it was because at the same time I got an anti-sickness injection and I was feeling more or less drugged from that. But found one a day keeps heartburn away!

@Amy yes definitely take another one if you are struggling! Not long to go now xx

@Georgi only taken the 1 tablet maybe I will take another tonight before bed! It’s an absolute killer x x

@Amy wahhhh, have you taken the full dose? I think you can take 40mg a day. Maybe take another one is you’ve only taken one capsule. I bet by this time tomorrow your acid reflux/heartburn. will be a thing of the past, hang on in there 💖 xx

@Georgi I took it around 12.30 as I have the worst heartburn literally all day and all night it’s awful and so far hasn’t made a difference 😭 if it doesn’t work I haven’t got a clue what to do next x

@Amy it started working the first day for me! I took it before I went to sleep and now take x1 every evening :)

@Emily Palmer okay thank you! I have everything crossed they work 😅 x

@Amy id say the 2nd day it eased, day 3 completely gone x

Right I managed to get omeprazole this morning did anyone find it took a few days to start working? X

Get yourself Omeprazole it will change your life!!! I went from agonising heartburn and indigestion to literally nothing after being prescribed omeprazole xx

@Yana I will try and get it from midwife tomorrow! Thank you x

@Emily Palmer my midwife mentioned something at my last appointment, maybe I should contact her tomorrow! I’m really struggling x

Omeprazole hun! I have put it off so long because of the whole host of other meds I am taking but since I took the first tablet yesterday - No Heartburn!

Second omeprazole. It’s completely got rid of my heartburn

Have you spoke to your gp about being prescribed something? Omeprazole has been the only thing to work for me x

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