How is everyone announcing their pregnancy? I’m 13 weeks now and thought we would just do it but I’m overthinking how to make it special for family and close friends ! It’s my second pregnancy and was wondering about getting my son involved but feel a bit nervous!
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We used these lovely scratch cards on Etsy where they print your scan beneath a golden heart that your family can scratch off. It was perfect 😍 Some of them guessed immediately, others…well my grandad thought it was a camel so less said about that 😂😂 I recommend Etsy though for ideas - so many lovely options and a lot are pretty cheap too!

I’m in my second pregnancy too. I’m going to wait til we do a gender scan (privately) or the 20 week nhs scan and then think of a way to announce it. Not sure about you but I feel this time round I’m not as eager to announce it to the world! We’ve told everyone close to us so everyone we care about knows. We’ve kind of just found a way to drop it into conversation. I was having a conversation with my mum about sun beds and said I wouldn’t be able to go on one for the next 9 months at least and she obviously quickly figured it out from that!

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