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Is anyone else getting anxious about going back to work?! I decided to cut my bonding time 2 weeks short so I could take a family vacation over the summer before my son turns 1, but I’m already having major regrets! After speaking w/a coworker in the last hour, I was informed that I would be working in office full time instead of a hybrid wfh schedule like the rest of my team per my manager’s request. I’m completely devastated as I was expecting to be home w/ my son on my wfh days 😩😭 I was already feeling bad about sending my son to daycare but figured him going part time wouldn’t be so terrible if he was w/family on the other days. Any advice or words of encouragement?? I start work in 2 weeks.
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@Kristen thank you! 🤞🏽

@Alanna that sounds like a great plan. If they have been giving you issues since you went on your leave sounds like they are doing this out of spite or something and that's not fair. I hope your union reps help your situation for you.

@Kristen I’m debating putting together some info/paperwork to send to my union reps. I’ve already been having issues w/my manager since I went out on maternity leave

Ummm I would talk to your manager and tell them that it's not fair to request that you work in the office full time while the rest of your team gets to do hybrid especially since you just had a baby and that you need the hybrid schedule for both your baby and for your mental health. I feel like your manager should have spoken to you about this before making that decision. It's pretty messed up if you were expecting a hybrid schedule when you came back from maternity leave to be told it's not the case.

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