Toddler temper

I feel like I am failing my 23 month old a as single mum. His behaviour lately is wild. Especially since i returned to work a few weeks ago. He is so sweet and loving but he has this nasty temper when he doesn’t get his way mainly with me. Tonight he tried to take my phone off me and I said no and wouldn’t let him so he jabbed his nail inside my nose and scraped all the skin off causing it to bleed severely and I ended up pushing him onto the floor and was screaming in pain. He knew he had done wrong and I explained that once I stopped my nose bleeding but I am not really sure how I approach his behaviour calmly, time outs dont work. He wines alot as well and goes like a deadweight on the floor when we are out and about if i say no. Im finding it really difficult lately on my own to get anything done, even cooking is becoming a challenge 😩
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You should try spending more quality time together. Especially now that you’re working. He sees less of you. You can go on your phone in emergencies or when your alone, when he’s sleeping.

May sound silly but try watching some episodes of supernanny - I follow her on fb and when my daughter goes through behavioural struggles I find it so helpful. These often come about when there is a change in her routine. It’s totally normal, and for how young your son is he needs structure and boundaries to feel safe.. it’s really tough at first but I promise you it’s worth it! Supernanny episodes really motivate me as it shows it’s normal and the improvements DO happen. I can also confirm with my daughter that is nearly 6 as a single mum, we have been through many rough spells with her behaviour but follow through, persevere, be kind and fair. I have also found “gentle parenting” and child behaviouralist accounts on Instagram very helpful - I will tag some for you!

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