Safe to go Cinema pregnant

Is it safe to go to cinema pregnant? I assumed it was OK but now seen a few things advising against it
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I had to have an MRI scan last week and was told it was completely safe for baby. It’s EXTREMELY loud and lasted 50 minutes. So I’m sure other noise is safe. It was horrible beyond belief and I felt so bad for bubba but had no choice :( xx

Youd only be sitting for around 2hours which is fine some people would do that all day at work and the noise level isn't high enough to cause any damage

I’ve been going to concerts (obviously not jumping up and down ahaha) but midwife said everything is okay because it’s not for a prolonged period of time. Haven’t heard anything about going to the cinema being bad though

@Abi thanks, that's really helpful!

I think the main thing is the noise level. Although some things also mention how long you're sitting down for

I asked my midwife this after my sister mentioned something and she said it was fine and had never heard any different. I went on the weekend and baby didn’t even flinch 🤷🏻‍♀️

I'm confused why it wouldn't be okay? What have you seen that advises against it?

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