I am pregnant for the first time and suffering really bad with anxiety I am 10 weeks now and convinced I am going to miscarry, is anyone else suffering like this it's terrible 😢
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Hey! I felt exactly the same! Someone once posted this on here and it really helped me so hoping it will do the same for you! 💕

Hi Rose, it’s normal to feel anxious but please try not to stress although it’s easier said than done. I’m 10 weeks too & anxious but I still have yet to have my 1st scan so I worry please don’t feel convinced you’re going to miscarry, have you had symptoms that’s made you feel like this?

@Hangela no I have had no symptoms that has convinced me I just feel really sick and being sick n my boobs are really tender x

@Sasha that is really helpful thank u so much x

@Rose I’m not sure where you’re based but in the UK, you can go to the hospital and get them to take your blood test & urine sample when I did, I found out I had Hyperemises Gravidarum (HG) which being sick throughout the day and not being able to keep food or fluids down. I’m experiencing the exact same symptoms as you are with the tender breasts & sickness (which I know have anti sickness medicine).

I had a missed miscarriage before so I was very worried before I started showing and feeling her move. I would pay for private scans and take pregnancy tests just to double check she was still okay. They do say stress is bad for the baby, you are already 10 weeks, I believe after the first trimester, miscarriages are less likely . Try to think positive, but you are not alone, it is scary xx

@Sasha how come it says chance after 19 weeks 6 days is 0%? That’s not right

@Katie No clue? I didn’t make it I’m afraid… mainly aimed for the first trimester ☺️

@Sasha I wouldn’t give that site any credence, it’s obviously not accurate at all. It gives made up figures for the first 20 weeks not just the first trimester

@Katie Ok Katie. Like I said to the original poster, it helped with my anxiety when someone shared on here and others to. Think you either take it or leave it

@Sasha ok sasha, I would rather have the real facts than a made up chart with wrong details but if it helped you then great.

Whatever energy you bring into the world is what you will get. So be super careful 🙏🏻 I would suggest doing therapy and prenatal yoga. It helps tremendously! Write little notes you can read daily and write affirmations about what you want your pregnancy and birth to look like. Read them often💗🙏🏻

Your symptoms are very common at the stage you are, sickness should go away after the 12th week (usually, although it can carry on). Stress and anxiety are not good though you I would suggest pre natal yoga too or hypnobirth as will help you with you anxiety now and with birth. For your sickness, ginger is good too. It is a very scary thought and I understand you so much, you’re not alone on that. But you need to do something about it. Maybe get a private scan for peace of mind and yoga or something that helps you relax. But I tell you something, that baby is lucky for having a mum that cares so much about them. Once you start feeling their movements you’ll start feeling better too

I totally felt this and was extremely nervous up until 12weeks and then 20weeks again. But I always tried to remember that the symptoms like sickness and sore boobs are a good sign (even though they feel horrible at the time.) I did find yoga super helpful and it's definitely got me through and you will see it's totally normal to be stressed and anxious and a lot of women are the same.

I felt that way and I had a reiki session and anxiety was gone

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