Napping at the nursery

So my boy usually has 2 naps (10 months old). Recently he started going to the nursery (3 weeks now) and he sleeps there. But the problem is his nap there starts later than his usual time. Because of that he’s only doing one nap a day which I know is not enough for him. We’ve also had to push his bedtime back (5 instead of 6,6:30) I don’t know what to do. They’ve tried putting him down for a nap earlier but I guess he’s having FOMO? Help
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Could you do a short nap on the way home in pram or car seat and then put him to bed at 7 ?

Mine half napped once a day the 3 days she was at nursery and the remaining days 2 naps. She officially transitioned to one nap around 1 year old ish. Mine had severe FOMO and wouldnt nap more.

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