Please help me ..

I’m 18 imma teen mom ….. and this is all scary and new for me but something I can’t get over is the depressive, angry, happy mood changes I feel stressed about the weirdest things I forget everything and all I wanna do is cry it’s extremely overwhelming everything around me is overwhelming as hell even washing dishes and I wish it could stop is this normal ? Will it be this way the next 20 weeks of my pregnancy? (I’m 20 weeks.)
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Hey, I’m 28yo, 20w pregnant and it’s scary/emotional for me, too. Even though we’re excited. You’re not alone ❤️❤️ You got this, mama.

27 and my second pregnancy. I too get very emotional. Best thing you can do is let it out. Holding it in just makes it so much worse. It’s ok to have emotions. Hopefully feeling them so deeply now will prepare you for being a parent that will be teaching a child how to convey what they’re feeling. You’re doing great, it’s all normal. Just go with it lol.

Hello! I’m 16, and 19 weeks. Im not sure if anything will change for you, but I can say it didn’t stay that way for me. I still have days that I get really stressed out. Try to find people you can talk to, and trust to tell how you feel. I know you don’t know me, but I’m here if you ever need someone to talk to. You got this, hun 🫶🏻🫶🏻

I’m 26 and this is my first and it’s scary even for me, especially being bipolar with tons of anxiety issues previous to this. All I can say is trust yourself and believe in yourself. My inbox is open if you ever need to chat or talk things through. You got this mama! :) I believe in you!

Hi, I’m 20 and 17 weeks. I’ve been feeling similarly the past few weeks and what’s helped me is dancing to songs that I like, baby shopping, and even meditation music to soothe the mind. Definitely just think of the child that’s going to come and the fact that they need their mommy. Don’t push yourself too hard and take this time to relax and be gentle on yourself. You’ll have a love you’ve never felt and even though we’re young, we got this!

So I'm 18 I'll be 19 the month before my baby is born and I have had the same problems the only way I have gotten through it is talking to family or friends and remembering that it's all going to be worth it because in the end I will have my little girl and she's going to be perfect so as hard as it is sometimes the thing that works for me is just a calming soak in the tub or some calming music in a dark room just give your mind breaks and time to settle every once in a while it also helps me to sing to my little one sometimes

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