Potty training

I know it’s extremely early for potty training. My girl will be turning 10 months this week. I noticed for about two weeks she’s been hiding in corners to poop. Like between the couch and book case, and behind a chair in a corner. Every time! Well as a SAHM I have lots of time to think 🤣 I was wondering is this like, instinct for kids to hide to poop? So I started googling lol From what I read kids do this during potty training and they become embarrassed or ashamed. -which obviously isn’t the reason she’s doing it. And then I read that it actually part of bodily awareness and that it means you can potty train soon 🫣 say WHAT? Isn’t it too early for that. Like way to early lol. Does anyone else’s baby do this?
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When babies are ready they are ready lol my baby loves taking her diaper off it’s their timing

We’re doing EC (elimination communication) with our daughter who, at around 7 months was clearly having some “tells” when needing to do #2. We’re not “potty training” but offering times to do #2’s on the potty. It’s working well for us.

Not early! My mom potty trained me at 9 months. But then again we lived in the ussr and diapers were a luxury item so many babies were potty trained young

With my first, I didn’t follow a book or the internet. I literally bought him a potty seat and a recorder flute (like the ones every elementary kid has played). Starting around 16mos, he would start hiding. At 17mos, I started putting him on the toilet when he would go to hide. I gave him his “poop flute” and let him blow on it. The blowing triggered his muscles down there, and after a few attempts, he pooped on the potty! Now, he’s almost 2.5, and has been potty trained for a few months now. Only wears pull ups for sleep and we’re working on that! The biggest struggle for us was getting him to pee when he needed to. After a few times of him having to help me clean up, he learned. However, he was a lot older than your girl. Also, I had a baby right in the middle of his potty training. He definitely could’ve been trained sooner if I would’ve had the time/energy!

You should start doing elimination communication with her since she has a good tell (hiding in nooks) pair with the sign for potty. Just when she goes to those places, put her on a potty and wait for her to go and sign potty. Eventually she will associate the two and be able to tell you when she needs to poop and you might never have to change a poopy diaper again lol. I wish my son had a tell. I literally have know way of knowing when he's pooping 😂

It is good that she does have that body awareness, but she may not have the same awareness when it comes to urinating. When it comes to the professional who wrote "Oh Crap! Potty training", they suggest that you can often start potty training between 20-30 months. I started both my older kids at 20 and 21 months.

Technically babies used to be potty trained by like 18 months before disposable diapers were invented. Like mom didn't want to wash diapers anymore so they put the work into potty training

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