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I’m 35weeks pregnant baby is head down and is weighing 5lb 10oz already I’m got so much lower backache I’m in so much pain with my pelvis it has me in tears getting so much lighting crotch getting pressure in my bum going to the loo every day my youngest son has got me so stressed lately everyday all day long worried I’m not going make my due date worried she going come to early
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@Kirsten my gp is useless doubt they will do any thing I’m waiting on results from a blood test from 6th of November they booked appointment for the 28th November to talk about my results

Call your GP and ask for a referral for physio. I did that and got a belt that has helped loads. They also give advice on how to sit to help your back and pelvis.

@Tara I saw my midwife Friday told her about the pelvic pain but didn’t get a response out of her I didn’t even know the baby was head down till I was told at my scan yesterday

I was exactly the same baby was head down perfect birthing position, so heavy my stomach, at 36 weeks she was 6lb 2oz and 4/5ths engaged, lightening crotch, I even had cramping and lost my music plug. Here I am at 39+1 though she still 4/5tjs and I’m not dilated so don’t stress. Try talk to your midwife about the pelvis pain they can offer support and sometimes a belt to try and help 🥰

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