How to react to someone saying HB or MC

Salam, I’m a revert and my family has a hard time to understand why I reverted and why I cover up and why I don’t want to celebrate birthdays & holidays (my parents are atheist, my grandparents Christian but we always celebrate all holidays and they take them very seriously). This year I will still go home for Christmas but I will not participate in the celebration so I will just be present. Some of my further family don’t know I’m Muslim or at least don’t understand why I wouldn’t celebrate so they always wish me happy birthday and merry Christmas etc but I never know what to reply to it? Pls any advice. Even from next year I will not be going home for Christmas/easter/holidays anymore as it’s a tricky one and even my husband doesn’t want our kids to think it’s normal as we are Muslims. I totally agree with him but my parents are very not understanding and it’s the only time the family gets together. I can and will fly out whenever I can on normal days and even my husband told my mum we’ll visit more often I’m just so anxious of telling my parents I won’t come anymore, I’ll not compromise my belief but because I reverted recently (last year) I’m still getting used to not celebrating holidays as they were really important for me.
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And I don’t see my parents or family much at all do trying to come on other occasions not on holidays but just difficult to deal with family in terms of how to react

I’m not from the uk and none of my family lives in the uk so i have to fly out and it’s always quite a ‘big event’ so in terms of kids we don’t want them to have this big excitement to see their grandparents etc and flying out and they will connect that to Christmas

I personally don't think there's anything wrong with you going home to visit your family especially during the holidays or atleast for dinner. Most of the UK is spending time with families during these times of year including Muslims.

Yeah I hear you it's very frustrating not celebrating holidays with family. I kind of got off easy because after I reverted I was no longer welcome in most family gatherings. Until I "take off that stupid scarf" and "stop worshipping a false god". I dont do Christmas since getting married and doing the research. I also dont do candles on cakes easter or any of the spring praises to pagan gods ... just being straight with people is the best policy. Obviously people are gonna get hurt a bit but it's better than letting them think theres a deeper issue

I always make it clear that I don't celebrate it and if someone says MC I say thank you, I don't celebrate it but I hope you have a nice rest/time off !

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