My little boy is 10 months on Thursday & his sleeping is horrendous. He was awake every hour last night, and today he’s only had one nap for 35/40 minutes. I’ve tried so many routines, so many different sleep times and lengths, no naps after 3.30pm, a nap after 3.30pm, later/earlier bedtimes. I feel like I’m at my wits end, my partner works away and only comes home every other weekend so it’s just me & my little one at home most of the time. I tried the gentle retreat sleep plan and it worked for a week. He went from being rocked for 30 mins to being put in his cot awake and falling straight to sleep, and was doing 3-4 hour stretches but now it’s worse than ever😭 what routines do you all have for your little ones? Including naps & meal times (he has 2 meals a day currently, sometimes a snack too and has round 4 8oz bottles)? X
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We just stick with a 7:30 bedtime or sleep cues if he slept late. I drove myself mad trying to work out last nap times and bedtimes and it made no difference for us😫 x

How long after their last nap do you put them to bed? My little boy has just fallen asleep, and I’m trying to gauge his bedtime as last night I think I put him to bed too late as he was up every hour an half again😵‍💫😵‍💫

@Katie it’s been up and down since he started nursery at 6 months old really for us! But in that time he’s gone from sitting up by himself to taking a few steps and everything in between. Teeth, colds, coughs, etc it’s been a ride! His brain must be working overtime I imagine with all his new skills😂 We seem to be back to one wake up at the minute which I can cope with so hope it lasts🤞🏼 xx

Wake up around 7 7-8ish - breakfast (usually porridge, fruit and rusk or pancake - homemade) and an 81/2 Oz bottle 10/10:30ish - nap and wake up around half 11/12 12:30/1ish -lunch (a couple of ice cubes of frozen food reheated, vegetable mash and vegetable crisps) depending on how much she eats I will give her a bottle here if she doesn't eat much 3ish - bottle (if she is having a sleepy day she will skip this for a nap- if she naps now she will wake up at half 4ish. 4ish - nap wake up 5/half 5 (if she skipped her 3 feed I will give her a bottle now) 6/6:30ish - tea (cubes and finger food plus a pudding) 7/7:30ish - bath time with daddy 8:00 - take her up to bed with a bottle 8:30 - she is normally asleep She would usually then sleep till half 6/7 when not going through a regression. This regression started at 8 months and is still going. She is waking for a feed at 3:30am plus this routine. At the moment she is awake anywhere between 2 to 9 times a night. She is exhausting at the moment.

@Gemma it’s just relentless isn’t it🥲 he went to bed tonight at 7pm and he woke up at 7.35pm😵‍💫😵‍💫 how long did it last with your little one? Xx

We had this too and we just went with the ‘ride it out approach’ I was also driving myself mad trying to change naptimes etc but in the end made no difference. It’s just a phase as tough as it is, they struggle with separation anxiety at this age and it’s developmental also. Promise it gets better xx

@Delphine I do try & keep his bedtime routine the same and do it at the same time every night (7pm) but I just feel like his wake windows are out the window. He would stay awake all day if he could so I find it hard to know when he’s tired or not. He’s crawling round all day which should tire him out but clearly doesn’t🤣🤣

Mine is a bad sleeper too. All I do though, I try to stick to it with little adjustment now and then. Like if a wake window works well I stick to it, and adjust it a little depending on his tiredness. Teething has been ruining his routine, so he is only having 30 minute naps again. So I had to extend his wake windows to keep a reasonably later bed time... So basically stick to it until you need to change it 😔 Baby sleep is such a complicated science!

Thank you! I think he has low sleep needs too, because he just hates sleeping 🤣🤣 I’ll take a look now xx

My son is low sleep needs and needs way longer wake windows than advised. He was waking every hour around that age. He has oral ties, turned out to have low iron and sleep apnea, and we’re waiting for evaluation of his adenoids. Check out heysleepybaby on Instagram and her sleep red flags highlight, it helped me

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