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i saw some youtube videos of like to introduce to my son when he’s the right age but i got stumped because idk when the right age is? anybody know when your little one can start watching tv? teacher rachel is made for little ones right?
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screen time isn’t a bad thing unless you’re using to pacify them instead of tend to their needs. my kids have unlimited tv access but no tablet or phone or anything. if you see their speech is on track then there’s no reason to restrict it. we watch a variety of things too. like pbs shows, disney and netflix movies, miss rachel. i’m not strict about it bc they are both developmentally ahead. we don’t spend all day around the tv. they actually only have one in their room. but if we’re down in the living room we just play. we don’t have a tv down here and they don’t care. they aren’t dependent on it and it doesn’t affect their mood as long as their hitting milestones on time i don’t see an issue with watching tv. tablets are a no go here tho

Screen time isn’t recommended until age 2. Ms. Rachel is considered more “high quality” programming, however.

we started at 5 months

I started doing 30 minutes of ms Rachel at 6 months old so I could get stuff done. 😅 my daughter is 2.5 now and will watch an entire hour long episode of the toddler stuff, but we limit her screen time to 2 hours a day of TV max (no tablets or phones). I love that Ms Rachel has everything from baby stuff to pre school learning!!!

We waited till 18 months to introduce screen time, but whatever you are comfortable with. And we still limit it to around an hour a day. Ms Rachel is good and educational for babies/toddlers.

This is totally up to you! Every parent is different. Some don’t want their kids watching tv or videos until older and limit, others start super young. It’s all what you’re comfortable with. Miss Rachel is for young babies, she even teaches how to say mama and dada. So it’s all up to you!

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