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My maternity leave finished in October and I am off on annual leave until December 14th (I haven’t returned to work at all yet). However I have been offered a new job. If I hand my notice in, do I have to physically work it or can my annual leave be included in? I.e 4 weeks notice so id be employed there until end of December or do I have to work in to January (4 weeks from when I return)
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I’d put holiday requests in for the 4 weeks and then hand notice in, is that what you mean? Bear in mind if they are your holidays or what you’re due to accrue before end of tax year. You may have to pay them back if you haven’t accrued them yet I think xx

i used up my annual leave and then handed in my notice as soon as annual leave had been accepted x

@Kiera I am using all my accrued holiday now to extend my return. My first day back will be 14th December x

@tori-leigh so you were on annual leave for your full notice period? X

It will be stipulated in your mat leave contract and will also depend on whether you had occupational leave or SMP.

@Kirsty I only received SMP

You should be clear to give whatever your standard notice period is but I would definitely recommend checking the contract thoroughly! You'll also have to check annual leave allowance etc too as you may end up owing them money if you take over your allowance etc.

Also in the same position as you. I have a new job and used my accrued annual leave on the end of my May leave. I used my leave as my notice period so I didn’t have to work it. Drop HR an email hun xx

yes i had 4 weeks annual leave and my notice period was 2 weeks so i was payed for the 4 weeks annual leave and then didn’t need to go back x

I work in HR but company contracts and policies can be different so do ask for copies if you can. Sounds like, if ive understood you correctly, if your leave allowance finishes before your notice ends, you will have to work. But to be fair, if it was me, I'd prob say don't bother

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