Broomfield c-section

Hi ladies! I’m going to have a c-section at Broomfield hospital in a few weeks time, I wanted to ask those who had c-section there, were you provided with nappies, wipes, blankets, sanitary pads and all these items you or your baby needs? Or is it best to take as much stuff with you as possible?
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I was only given a sanitary towel immediately after. For baby they provided a hat. Said about a nappy but as didn’t couldn’t find one in time for emergency c section they provided the first nappy too. They didn’t give me a blanket for her they just wrapped her in a towel.

Hiya, they initially prepped me when I came out very helpful! Then my husband brought my bags to me but if I had ran out of anything they did provide it. They also kept topping me up on paracetamol and never asked me to get my own I was there for 5 days xx

Take everything with you 😊 We were given a hat and blanket when she was first born which we still have.

You take everything. Even paracetamol and ibuprofen. There's also a wash they advise you to buy and wash in before and after. It's called Octenisan

Hi Evelina, I had my c-section 3 weeks ago at Broomfield and they provided the initial pad and nappy immediately after the surgery. They only dress baby in a hat, nappy and blanket once they’re born so you won’t need to take everything into the hospital on arrival, but your partner could collect your things from the car once you and baby are on a ward. I would highly recommend that you take your own hat for the little one as the medical team will take photos for you, this was such a magical moment for our family and the pictures they took were amazing! P.s don’t forget your phone and your charger! Good luck, I hope everything goes well ☺️

I am currently here I had my baby early so I didn’t have a hospital bag packed so they provided me with all the essentials and are providing my baby with everything however it is preferred that we have our own x

Thanks that’s very helpful!

I had my baby there two weeks ago - not a C section though. I had to bring my own pads, nappies and wipes. Though they did provide some nappies initially (my baby was taken to neonatal so provided them in there before I got to her). I think they will have some essentials for you initially but it’s generally expected you bring your own supplies. They did supply blankets though again I had my own. My stay was longer then I expected too so worth having extra supplies. Hope all goes well Xx

No, you provide everything yourself :)

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