How do you get your toddler to listen?

My little girl just does not listen to me if she’s having a tantrum? I’ve tried talking nicely, asking what’s wrong, validating her feelings, trying to distract her but absolutely nothing works and I have to result to telling her to take time out and speak to me when she’s ready (when she’s not screaming at me). Nothing works, I’m at my wits end and I get so frustrated because I feel like a bad mum. 😢. She’s also absolutely not interested in potty training and makes herself constipated. How does anyone get a toddler to listen or communicate with you?
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@Simona 😂 that’s progress!

At this age they can’t listen to what you’re saying when they’re having a tantrum as they don’t have the developed part of the brain to be able to listen to reason- best bet is to say do you need a hug? Or just stay close by and wait for the screaming to be over and say- I’ll be right here when you’re ready

My daughter started saying she’s not a big girl when she changed room at nursery and the teachers spent like a month telling her “wow you’re a big girl now, you’re in the big children room” 🙄 now I’ve “convinced” her she’s not a little-little girl but a little-medium girl 😂

Sounds alot like my daughter! It’s comforting to know it’s not just us going through this. My daughter also says she’s not a big girl 🤦🏽‍♀️. Our potty training experience is exactly the same, I’m also waiting and hoping she changes her mind and decides she’s ready to use it. 😩

My daughter used to listen during tantrums and I was able to calm he down, she was able to identify her feelings. Now if we try to talk with her she just scream at us stomping her feet screaming “I’m not mad/sad/angry” and we tell her she’s angry and she’s stomping her feet and screaming because she’s angry she’s say “I’m not stomping my feet/screaming” 😑 and it can last even for an hour. She doesn’t want cuddles/hugs for support anymore. She’s been like this for like a month now but I’ve started realising that if I hug her even if she say she doesn’t want to and at first she screams “let me go”, she calms down especially if I tell her very quietly something like “I’m not letting you go because you need me and I’m here for you”. She’s also not interested in potty training (we’ve tried and failed a couple of months ago) and she literally says “I’m not a big girl, I want my nappy” so I guess I just need to wait more…

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