Rh negative

Is anyone else Rh negative blood type? Just had a letter through telling me I am and that I need a blood test to determine babies blood type. If baby is Rh positive I’ll need injections.
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Yes I am too. Just be aware if you have any bleeds you’ll need to go and have the anti D injection. I found a&e staff a bit clueless about it in my last pregnancy so just something to be aware of.

I am! In my first pregnancy I had an injection around 26 weeks and then my son was also negative so didn’t have to another. Will do a same this pregnancy.

Amazing. Thank you everyone!

I am - they do the second blood test as you said to determine if they think baby is a positive blood type and if they are you get an injection I think around 26 weeks. I found it quite a painful injection but there’s no after effects or anything. Then when baby is born they test the placenta to confirm baby’s blood type and if they are positive you get a second dose of the injection that day.

Yup. I'm RH negative - every miscarriage I've had to have an injection. Never gotten far along enough in a pregnancy to know we need to have it during the pregnancy 🤣

No but my husband's mum was and she had 5 children.

Me! Nothing to be concerned about at all I don’t think. You will need an Anti D injection 😊 my mom had to have it and no issues from my understanding 🙂 I’ll have to have a blood test too!

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