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Any advice please? I EBF but have started to express to try and introduce the bottle to give me a bit of freedom. The first time I expressed we gave him the bottle straight away and he took it from my husband no problem. Since then we have tried giving him a bottle every evening warmed from the fridge and he refuses it and gets into such a state until I give in and give the boob.
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Try different bottles. My baby takes mam best. Also some baby's don't like breast milk if it's been frozen because of a high lipase content. Keep trying though and he should eventually get it.

Yeah maybe try to use a different bottle. I’ve tried a few but the only ones my baby truly will drink from is the Dr.brown and Mam ones.

@Flecshaney yea that worked the first time but I ideally want to be able to go out for a few hours and leave him with his dad or grandparents

I noticed especially in the beginning if I was around or feeding my baby was not trying to take the bottle. It is a process so keep trying so feed a little bit with bottle then finish off with boobs. If after a week or so you see baby not trying to drink at all try a different bottle.

Maybe try to have it fresh pumped if you can. My baby would take milk that’s been cold and warmed up. She likes it fresh lol

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