Refusing food

Anyone else's baba refusing food all of a sudden? He will eat his fruit pots and snack but will not touch his porridge in the morning his lunch or his tea I'm at a loss as to what to do he just literally screams at anything we try to feed him and I'm starting to get worried he's not eating enough now 😔
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I’m having the same and hoping it’s a phase, but i do think he’s getting more aware of preferences etc now. It’s hard not to give in! I did also read that after 1 their growth rate slows a bit so it is also normal to have a bit of a reduction in appetite x

YES! It’s been going on for a month now. It started with my LO refusing her lunch, now she’s refusing also her dinner. Luckily she’s been having her breakfast still. I’m also worried that she doesn’t eat enough. She’s screaming and refusing to have anything. I keep trying and hopefully it’s just a phase that will end soon. 😩🤞🏼

Yes!! We are on day 6 of food strike! Luckily she will still have milk. But other that that the only thing she will eat is melty sticks, wafers, yoghurts and sometimes weetabix. She’s never been a fussy eater and normally has a great appetite so it’s come as a shock. She’s absolutely fine in herself though! Hope they get over this strike soon!

My baby does this when she’s teething, it could be that x

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